Our Services

We are a small, cosmopolitan team of experts with years of digital experience under our belts and a wide-reaching network.

No matter whether you’re looking for Frontend or Backend Developers, Designers or Project Managers, we’ll find the best fit for your project.

We like our designs and websites pixel-perfect and we run our projects with the same attention to detail.

In the same way that biodiversity creates a robust ecosystem, we believe a diverse team is essential to any creative endeavour by injecting fresh insights, perspectives, skills and creativity into the mix.

Digital Strategy
Web Design
Web Development
Maintenance & Support

Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy | Project Management | Agile Methodology

Whether you are established or are a startup, a digital strategy can help you define your online goals and outline specific methods in which to achieve them.

Our customised digital strategy is your guiding light to improving your online presence, awareness and overall performance of your website.

Web Design

Logo and Brand Designs
UX/UI web design

By understanding your organisation inside and out, our team can create a custom design that meets your current needs.

We can also ensure the design evolves to keep in step with your organisation as you move forward.

User experience is the north star that guides our approach and we're always on the lookout for new technologies, platforms and trends that could improve it.

Web Development

WordPress | WooCommerce | Shopify | Webflow

We pride ourselves on building websites that not only look great, but are easy for our clients to manage and maintain.

In this regard, WordPress is our platform of choice. It’s easy to use, which means clients can manage their own websites independently with minimal training.

WordPress also provides access to a huge library of plugins and themes, making it perfect for custom builds.

If you prefer a subscription platform, we are also experts in Shopify custom stores and Webflow websites.

Maintenance & Support

Speed optimization | Security fully managed | Plugin, theme & core file updates | Core file & database backups | Malware Removal

Our WordPress Management Service will keep your website running smoothly so you can focus on your business.

Our experts will handle everything from keeping WordPress secure and up-to-date, to implementing new features and plugins for you.


Accessible Design & Content Consultancy

Your website says a lot about you and your organization. Does it say that you are open for people with disabilities?

Aesthetics do not have to be sacrificed for functionality when you know how to combine elements. Increase conversion with better functional design for your accessible web project.

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